Therapeutic Massage. Yoga. Reiki. Ayurveda.
Based in Wedgwood, Seattle

Our Services

Holistic, therapeutic wellness services for your overall health.

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

A mixture of Structurally Specific Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga stretching massage, Abhyanga Ayurvedic techniques, and more.

Private Yoga

Therapeutic yoga, alignment-based Hatha, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Bhakti Yoga, and Ayurveda-based yoga practice sessions individualized for you. Build a routine of stretches to help you stay healthy, balanced and aligned.

Holistic Bodywork with Reiki & Pranic Healing

Massage with multiple modalities of energy healing including Reiki, Pranic Healing, Chakra Balancing, Acupressure, Sen Line work, and Huna, Crystal & Stone Work, and Guided Meditation.

Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

Build your day in a new way following the natural rhythms of life from the ancient Ayurvedic system, helping keep you balanced in today's modern world.

About Krishna Priya

My wellness journey began in 2011 when I began desiring a state of health that went beyond just the body.

Through studies across multiple spiritual and healing paths, the apex I found was within yoga and ayurveda studies, which give a beautiful holistic representation of a person’s wellness with the soul and energetic body deep in mind.

I am deeply honored to offer these teachings to others and share unlimited gifts these practices bring to a person’s wellbeing and individual evolution.

Client Testimonials

"KAITLIN IS THE BEST!!! I've had hundreds, maybe thousands of massages in my life, but now I've had the best! Kaitlin brings thoughtful energy to her practice. She has great technique, appropriate pressure, and is very knowledgeable on modalities. Highly professional and highly rated. I'm glad I found her!!"
Jeff S., Google
"If you are looking for an amazing Thai massage or a skillfully guided private yoga lesson, Kaitlin is one of the best teacher/massage therapists I've found yet. Her easy going approach immediately puts you at ease, and her knowledge of complimentary disciplines really does provide a synergistic approach to health and well-being... She is truly a great find!"
David S., Google
Kaitlin (Krishna Priya) is an exceptional massage therapist and holistic body healer. I've been seeing her weekly for the last six months for chronic health issues (knees need surgery, digestive problems, and illness due to work stress). Each week, she focuses on what I need most at that time. Whether it's massage, yoga, lymph work, energy balancing--I leave her treatments feeling close to sensational. I'm just generally improving under her care. Recommend her very highly to anyone needing to feel better physically, and even mentally/emotionally.
C. Landry, Google